Eliza’s Story

Eliza struggled with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). She died on her 26th birthday of an opioid overdose. Due to the stigma surrounding OUD she, like so many other people dying of accidental overdose, was using alone. She did not want to die. This is a disease that is treatable with medications, therapy but most importantly, understanding and compassion.

Eliza did not let OUD define her. She was a full time college student and worked a rewarding job serving the elderly community. She found purpose in life, helping others. She was active in her recovery – often shuttling others to and from meetings. She knew no strangers, and was always quick to see the good in all people.

She was smart, beautiful and funny but above all, compassionate about helping others.

In her name, we are building a device that has your back when you are using.

You are not alone, not on Eliza’s Watch.