How it Works


Eliza’s Watch is a non-identifying, non-stigmatizing device that looks like a popular fitness/smartwatch. In normal mode, its only function is displaying the time. 


Eliza’s Watch meets the needs of people using drugs where they are. With Eliza’s Watch mode enabled, It will sound an alarm to summon help, if not reset by purposeful motion. 

  • In 60 Seconds, it will vibrate the user’s wrist. 
  • In 75 seconds, it will shake harder with an  audible alarm
  • In 90 seconds, it will sound a 95-decibel alarm (think car alarm) to attract assistance from those nearby. 

If the watch has been paired with the free smartphone app, it will send a Bluetooth signal to the app to text the location and time of the event to trusted contacts and/or EMS. 

Free Download

The Eliza’s Watch App is a free download for Apple or Android. 

Once installed the app will ask users to configure it by:

  • Selecting a list of trusted people from their address book.
  • Asking if the app should or should not contact Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Data sent to trusted contacts and/or EMS will consist of the following:

  • Optional pre-entered text message, or standard message: “Possible opioid overdose at the following location at the following time. <GPS location>,<time-stamp of third alert>”.
  • Location of the Smartphone (Data not saved anywhere once the message is sent.)
  • Date and time stamp of the event.


Privacy, Empowerment, and Harm Reduction are key benefits of this device. Users choose when to enable Eliza’s Watch mode – putting them in charge of their own harm reduction. 


Dan Harper

HarpTech LLC